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ManYOUfacturing a Healthy 2022 and Beyond!

Myers Industries is built on a foundation of safety, efficiency and dedication that begins and ends with our people.  We want our people to be the best version of themselves.  That’s why we care about your quality of life. We want to motivate you to your healthiest lifestyle in 2022 and beyond!

Gear up with wellness credits while manYOUfacturing a healthier you!

Wellness Incentives for the 2023 Benefit Year:

Myers Industries, Inc. has partnered with Wellworks For You to provide all medically enrolled team members and covered spouses with opportunities to participate in various wellness activities to earn a Wellness Credit on your 2023 medical premium.

Starting this year, team members can earn the incentive without requiring their spouse to participate. Yes, there is a separate dollar amount earned for the team member and the spouse. That means a team member could earn credit even if your spouse decides not to participate and vice versa.

First, you and your spouse MUST register in the Wellworks for You portal for your 3 wellness program steps to be tracked. Go to to log in and get started.

Complete the wellness program in 3 easy steps by October 31st, 2022, to earn the wellness rate for the 2023 benefit year:

  1. Complete your Preventive Exam & Biometric Labwork
  2. Attest non-tobacco status OR complete the tobacco cessation e-learning series
  3. Participate in 1 wellness challenge OR complete the Anthem Health Assessment

Just go to the Wellworks for You portal to submit the information. Please note, biometric labwork must also be submitted with preventive exam to earn credit for 2023.

Check out the 2022 Wellness Program Guide and find valuable information and answers to your questions.

  Program effective January 1, 2022
Credit Options:
  1. Biometric Labwork & Preventative Visit
  2. Tobacco Free
  3. Anthem Health Assessment OR Wellness Challenge
Credit Tiers: All or Nothing
Credit Amount:

Flat dollar amount
(separate amount for each Team member and/or spouse. Weekly credits listed)

Example Below:

  • PPO: $80 (EE+Spouse); $40 (EE)
  • HSA 2800: $60 (EE+Spouse); $30 (EE)
  • HSA 6000: $40 (EE+Spouse); $20 (EE)


With Omada there is a program for you! Team members, spouses, and children (above the age of 18) and who are enrolled in the Myers medical plan, may be eligible for this program at no cost. If you are at risk for type 2 diabetes or heart disease or are living with diabetes, please read the Omada Flyer HERE for more information.

What is Omada?  

Omada® is a personalized program that empowers you to achieve your health goals. Combining data-powered human coaching, connected devices, and curriculum tailored to your specific circumstances, the program is designed to help you build healthy habits that last. 

What you’ll get with Omada: 

✓ Dedicated health coach & care team 

✓ Interactive weekly lessons 

✓ Smart devices, delivered to your door 

✓ Healthier lifestyle in 10 minutes a day | anywhere, anytime 

✓ Long term results through habit & behavior change 

Find out if you are eligible for Omada 

Team members, spouses, and children (above the age of 18) and who are enrolled in the Myers medical plan may be eligible. Complete the online application HERE to find out if you meet the clinical enrollment criteria to participate in the program. Those who complete the application and are eligible to enroll, will receive an email invitation to join the Omada program. 

Have questions about Omada? Check out the Omada FAQ for more information.