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2022 Pharmacy Plan

Anthem’s Pharmacy, IngenioRx, is the prescription plan carrier. Your prescription drug program allows you to obtain medications via mail or your in-network local retail pharmacy. If you take certain medications on an ongoing basis, you can save time and money by having those drugs filled for a 90-day supply at a CVS retail pharmacy or the Ingenio Mail Service. Be sure to ask your doctor for a 90-day supply of your maintenance medication.

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Home Delivery

On the website you can:

  1. Update your mailing address and phone number, if needed.
  2. Enter your correct payment information, credit card number or checking account. Payment information will not be passed from CVS to Anthem.
  3. Enroll for auto-refill, if you currently get your refills automatically.

Not set-up for Home Delivery? Did you know you can receive 90-days of your maintenance medications for the cost of 60-days when you sign-up for home delivery or have your maintenance medications filled at a 90-day supply at a CVS retail pharmacy. There are two easy ways to switch:

  1. You can call the Pharmacy Member Service number on your ID card.
  2. Online at or through the Sydney app. Just visit the pharmacy page after you log in.

Specialty Medications

Specialty medications are filled through IngenioRx Specialty Pharmacy.

Contact the IngenioRx Specialty Pharmacy Care Team with any questions you might have. You can reach them at 833-255-0645.

PPO 1500 Plan

  Generic Copay Brand Formulary Copay Brand Non-Formulary Copay Specialty Copay
Prescription Drug Retail
(30 day supply)
$15 $45 $70 $100
Prescription Mail Order
(90 day supply)
$30 $90 $140 Not Covered

HSA Plans

The prescription drug plan for the HSA Plans, called the Preventive Rx Expanded Plan, includes the majority of preventive health care medications covered at 100%. (Listing available in the resources box). Medications not on this list will be covered at 90% if on the HSA 2800 and at 80% if on the HSA 6000 after deductible.

Limitations & Exclusions

The BeneFacts summary of benefits is intended to be a brief outline of coverage.  The entire provisions of benefits and exclusions are contained in the Group Contracts, Certificates, and Schedule of Benefits.  In the event of a conflict between the Group Contracts and this description, the terms of the Group Contracts will prevail.  Myers Industries reserves the right to make plan changes.