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Myers Industries is offering an option for you to save money on certain brand name prescription drugs through the Elect Rx International Mail Order Program. This program is not managed through Anthem’s Pharmacy, IngenioRx.

This program is known as Personal Importation or PI. You can order your brand name drugs from Canada, New Zealand, Australia and England using the same “brick and mortar” pharmacies that people in these countries use for their medications. Plan Members will have a $0 co-pay (Free!) on these medications. Here’s how you can begin using the program.

  1. The Instruction document located in the Resource Box (to the right of this page) includes a list of brand name prescription drugs that are offered through the Elect Rx Personal Importation Program (PI). Review this list and see if any of the medications you are currently taking can be filled through the Personal Importation (PI) Program. ElectRx is constantly updating this list. Call their Customer Service if you do not see your drug listed. You can order a 90-day supply of any brand name medication that is eligible for dispensing through this program.
  2. Members can enroll by calling 1-855-353-2879. A Customer Service Representatives will complete the enrollment process and order for you. You will be asked several questions related to your medical condition including any known allergies and a list of the prescription drugs you are currently taking. You should have those prescription drugs with you when you make the call.
  3. Have your Physician prepare a prescription for a 90-day supply with 3 refills and FAX it to the Elect Rx Toll Free Number at 1-833-353-2879. Again, you have a $0 co-pay on each 90-day fill including subsequent refills. You will receive an automated reminder notification o f a pending renewal/refill on or around day 60 of the last 90-day supply shipped.

Shipping takes 10-15 business days from the date of completed requirements (Faxed Rx from Physician and initial call to customer service from the member /employee). Specialty drugs are usually 30-day supplies.

Tip: Have a 30-day supply on hand to allow for plenty of delivery time.

Elect Rx Customer Service: 1-855-ElectRx (Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM Eastern Time)

Elect Rx Physician Fax: 1-833-ElectRx Customer Service Email: [email protected]

View the Elect Rx familiarization and instruction video